The Way I Am

Produced by Desiree Cousineau
Translation by Denise Dosta

At 87 years old, Josefina Rosales Centeno has seen many things change around her. But for Josefina there is one constant. A woman’s first and most important role is in the kitchen. After decades of working every day, Josefina has become a self-made businesswoman, yet she still doesn’t see her role in the community extending past her kitchen walls.

Candy work

Photography by
Yecenia Méndez

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Dona Josefina Rosales is a businesswoman who has worked all her life. At 87-years-old she prepares milk candies, which she sells to make a living. “I never thought of doing anything else,” she says with a lost look on her face. Now, she lives in house that has seen her birth and grow old. While the world has changed around her, her candy making and her beliefs about the role of women have remained the same.

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Video by
Desiree Cousineau

Photography by
Yecenia Méndez
Translation by
Denise Dosta