Just Go: Three Generations of Women Breaking Barriers

Produced by Desiree Cousineau
Translation by Denise Dosta

Eréndira María Esther Robledo Tapia’s family is deeply rooted. But the tradition in her family for three generations defies expectations. Esther’s family tradition is one of breaking tradition.

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Between the Past and the Present

by Belinda Vázquez

Mexico is in an era of transition. The traditional roles of women in Mexico are radically transforming. According to the Mexican National Institute for Statistics, Geography and Informatics, 2 out of 10 Mexican families are headed by a woman, and the numbers are growing. Read more…

Esther takes pride in her accomplishments as a dancer and in the preservation of a folk art form.


A Woman’s Rhythm

Photography by Yecenia Méndez

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Esther Robledo is a woman who has been in the middle of the shift of thinking of Mexican woman. Before, woman needed to get married young and stay at home all day. Now at 57-years-old she takes photography, folkloric dance, and writing classes. She teaches English and literature classes. She also contributes to the newspaper in Tenancingo.

Josefina Rosales, an 87-year-old business owner, has supported herself since she became a single mother at 16.

The Way I Am

Video by
Desiree Cousineau

Photography by
Yecenia Méndez
Translation by
Denise Dosta