El Salto

Produced by Ethan Healy
Translation by Erika Gómez

In the small Mexican city of Tenancingo people take pride in their local artisans and craftsmen and their workshops define the geography of the city. Among the most important of these is the ‘El Salto’ chair shop on what used to be the main street in Tenancingo. At the helm of the business is Luis Gallegos, a hard-working and equally easygoing person.

Luis Gallegos' father started the Muebleria 'El Salto' in the 1950s, when chair making was a major industry in Tenancingo, Mexico. Weathering economic and family conflicts, Luis continues to run the shop in his father's tradition.

El Salto

Photo story by Alex Scott

Alex photographed the workshop of Luis Gallegos. Click on the photo to see the slideshow.

Luis opens the shop on Hidalgo Street in Tenancingo. Hidalgo used to be the main thoroughfare of town, a fact that Luis attributes to the decline of his chair business.

Featured narrative

El Salto
written by Alex Scott

Alex’s story explores the life of Luis Gallegos and his furniture workshop. Click to read more…


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